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Because we know that exceptional moments deserve professional service.

We have designed the "VIP Event" service to magnify your special occasions.

Wedding, birthday or private party, our private drivers are specially trained so that you take full advantage of your moment with the people you care about.

IdiServices Event supports you in the transport of your guests during your personal events .

Our drivers can also provide support from your arrival to your departure.

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Transfer Experiences By IdiServices

Traveler Transfer

The “Traveler Transfer” offer takes you from point A to point B with ease.

From the airport to your hotel, or vice versa, from one city to another.

Top-of-the-range transport synonymous with comfort and serenity.

Event Experiences By IdiServices

Business Event Manager

We have designed the "Business Event Manager" service to make it easier for you to organize your professional events

IdiServices Event offers a customized event logistics transport service for your conferences, conferences, congresses and corporate seminars.

Our teams are mobilized to support you during your stays.

Our service includes the rapid transfer and secure of your employees.

But also logistical support during the event, packaging, storage and transfer of your presentation equipment, audio-visual, IT, samples, brochures, goodies for conference attendees (…)

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